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YJ - Robin by Jeepsterz YJ - Robin :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 30 2 Young Pietro Maximoff by Jeepsterz Young Pietro Maximoff :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 18 2 A wild James appeared by Jeepsterz A wild James appeared :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 14 3 Listen to Charles Xavier by Jeepsterz Listen to Charles Xavier :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 10 7 XMFC - Rage and Serenity by Jeepsterz XMFC - Rage and Serenity :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 21 0 OC - Pietro by Jeepsterz OC - Pietro :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 0 0
Cardigans and Turtlenecks III
Summary : Erik and Charles discuss their view of mankind with their own persuasive way.
Rated : T, suggestive adult themes.
Pairing : Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr.
Warning : English is still not my mother tongue. Please tell me if you find mistakes in the text ! I do not own the characters.
"Lost in your thoughts aren't you Charles ? Isn't it a bit paradoxical for a telepath?"
The young man looked up. Erik was standing in front of him, casually playing with his coin and checking the newspaper. It was Saturday morning and they were having a rest in a cosy hotel room of Florida. After the events of the previous day, they had reckoned a good night of sleep was necessary.
"Not exactly in my thoughts." The telepath had indeed two fingers pressed against his right temple. When he removed them they left two white marks on his skin which faded almost instantly. "I believe Wolverine was hold captive by some kind of soldiers. They didn't wear the regu
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Welcome to Silent Hill by Jeepsterz Welcome to Silent Hill :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 5 3 Deviant ID - Magneto by Jeepsterz Deviant ID - Magneto :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 0 3 Adorable labrat by Jeepsterz Adorable labrat :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 46 3 Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch by Jeepsterz Wanda Maximoff - Scarlet Witch :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 5 1 Robin - Feeling the aster by Jeepsterz Robin - Feeling the aster :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 160 12
Cardigans and Turtlenecks II
Erik Lenhsherr was not a tender man.
"Erik, that's enough.", whispered  the professor between his clenched teeth.
"What was that Charles?". The metalbender was grinning slightly and seemed highly pleased with himself.
"Erik…", Charles mumbled. "Careful…"  One last step on the accelerator-
"Come on Charles, don't be such a-
"Erik that's enough!".
When it came to mutants search, it was the two of them. They would travel together, sometimes by plane, but usually they had to go through endless car trips.  Erik would drive too fast, taunting Charles as the telepath would gradually grow uneasy.  Today was no different. As far as he could remember, the metalbender had always loved driving hefty and fast vehicles. The CIA cars were like a childhood fantasy to him
There was no sign of amusement in his friend's voice. Charles was genuinely frightened. Erik began to slow the car down. He was always impressed by the authority his young frien
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Batgirl - Stephanie Brown by Jeepsterz Batgirl - Stephanie Brown :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 3 0 YA - Wiccan VI by Jeepsterz YA - Wiccan VI :iconjeepsterz:Jeepsterz 21 3


X-Men:First Class by doubleleaf X-Men:First Class :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 14,937 1,014 Mischief in managing by viria13 Mischief in managing :iconviria13:viria13 10,403 431 If... by Cris-Art If... :iconcris-art:Cris-Art 870 89 Billy+Teddy'sExcellentSparkles by Zorrin Billy+Teddy'sExcellentSparkles :iconzorrin:Zorrin 207 23 The Magic and Fast Twins 2.0 by Zorrin The Magic and Fast Twins 2.0 :iconzorrin:Zorrin 170 12 Scarlet Mommy by Zorrin Scarlet Mommy :iconzorrin:Zorrin 145 6 It was Pietro by Zorrin It was Pietro :iconzorrin:Zorrin 95 9 Children's Crusade 02 Abridged by MyDearBasil Children's Crusade 02 Abridged :iconmydearbasil:MyDearBasil 71 52 Batman by Cinar Batman :iconcinar:Cinar 2,012 114 +MALE BODY STUDY II+ by jinx-star +MALE BODY STUDY II+ :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 10,428 366 +FEMALE BODY STUDY+ by jinx-star
Mature content
+FEMALE BODY STUDY+ :iconjinx-star:jinx-star 7,301 156
You MUST have seen your face by viria13 You MUST have seen your face :iconviria13:viria13 11,148 426 I nailed it by CharlieSnape I nailed it :iconcharliesnape:CharlieSnape 20 1 Birds of the Bat by CoranKizerStone Birds of the Bat :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 2,602 176 Bounty Hunter: Day Ain't Done by JayAxer Bounty Hunter: Day Ain't Done :iconjayaxer:JayAxer 4,116 191 Jean Grey Phoenix by Artgerm Jean Grey Phoenix :iconartgerm:Artgerm 20,485 1,407



I'm tired of this username and I want a brand new account!
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